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Second-order homogenization of periodic materials based on asymptotic approximation of the strain energy: formulation and validity limits

Bacigalupo, Andrea Second-order homogenization of periodic materials based on asymptotic approximation of the strain energy: formulation and validity limits. Meccanica, 49 (6). pp. 1407-1425. ISSN 0025-6455 (2014)

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In this paper a second-order homogenization approach for periodic material is derived from an appropriate representation of the down-scaling that correlates the micro-displacement field to the macro-displacement field and the macro-strain tensors involving unknown perturbation functions. These functions take into account of the effects of the heterogeneities and are obtained by the solution of properly defined recursive cell problems. Moreover, the perturbation functions and therefore the micro-displacement fields result to be sufficiently regular to guarantee the anti-periodicity of the traction on the periodic unit cell. A generalization of the macro-homogeneity condition is obtained through an asymptotic expansion of the mean strain energy at the micro-scale in terms of the microstructural characteristic size ɛ; the obtained overall elastic moduli result to be not affected by the choice of periodic cell. The coupling between the macro- and micro-stress tensor in the periodic cell is deduced from an application of the generalised macro-homogeneity condition applied to a representative portion of the heterogeneous material (cluster of periodic cell). The correlation between the proposed asymptotic homogenization approach and the computational second-order homogenization methods (which are based on the so called quadratic ansätze) is obtained through an approximation of the macro-displacement field based on a second-order Taylor expansion. The form of the overall elastic moduli obtained through the two homogenization approaches, here proposed, is analyzed and the differences are highlighted. An evaluation of the developed method in comparison with other recently proposed in literature is carried out in the example where a three-phase orthotropic material is considered. The characteristic lengths of the second-order equivalent continuum are obtained by both the asymptotic and the computational procedures here analyzed. The reliability of the proposed approach is evaluated for the case of shear and extensional deformation of the considered two-dimensional infinite elastic medium subjected to periodic body forces; the results from the second-order model are compared with those of the heterogeneous continuum.

Item Type: Article
Identification Number: 10.1007/s11012-014-9906-0
Uncontrolled Keywords: Second-order homogenization; Periodic materials; Asymptotic expansion; Mean strain-energy; Characteristic lengths
Subjects: T Technology > TJ Mechanical engineering and machinery
Research Area: Computer Science and Applications
Depositing User: Ms T. Iannizzi
Date Deposited: 21 Jan 2015 09:18
Last Modified: 21 Jan 2015 09:18
URI: http://eprints.imtlucca.it/id/eprint/2541

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