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Acemoglu, Daron and Ticchi, Davide and Vindigni, Andrea Emergence and persistence of inefficient states. Journal of the European Economic Association, 9 (2). pp. 177-208. ISSN 1542-4766 (2011)

Agnetis, Alessandro and Dellino, Gabriella and Detti, Paolo and De Pascale, Gianluca and Innocenti, Giacomo and Vicino, Antonio Appliance operation scheduling for electricity consumption optimization. In: Proceeding of the Decision and Control and European Control Conference (CDC-ECC). IEEE, pp. 5899-5904. ISBN 978-1-61284-800-6 (2011)

Alvarez, R. Michael and Katz, Gabriel and Pomares, Julia The Impact of New Technologies on Voter Confidence in Latin America: Evidence from E-voting Experiments in Argentina and Colombia. Journal of Information Technology & Politics, 8 (2). pp. 199-217. ISSN 1933-1681 (2011)

Arzilli, Francesco and Morescalchi, Andrea Housing Tenure and Job Search Behaviour. A Different Analysis of the Impact of the UK Jobseeker’s Allowance. Discussion Paper #11/2011 Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche (DSE), University of Pisa ISSN 2039-1854.

Auconi, Pietro and Caldarelli, Guido and Scala, Antonio and Ierardo, Gaetano and Polimeni, Antonella A network approach to orthodontic diagnosis. Orthodontics and Craniofacial Research, 14 (4). pp. 189-197. ISSN 1601-6335 (2011)


Baccini, Leonardo Democratization and Trade Policy: An Empirical Analysis of Developing Countries. European Journal of International Relations. pp. 1-25. ISSN 1354-0661 (2011)

Baccini, Leonardo and Duer, Andreas The New Regionalism and Policy Interdependency. British Journal of Political Science. pp. 1-23. ISSN 0007-1234 (2011)

Baccini, Leonardo and Duer, Andreas and Elsig, Manfred and Milewicz, Karolina The Design of Preferential Trade Agreements. World Trade Organization, World Trade Report: "Preferential Trade Agreements and the WTO: A New Era", 2011. (2011)

Baccini, Leonardo and Kim, Soo Yeon Institutions, Information, and Trade Policy in Times of Crisis. Working Paper # /2011 (Unpublished)

Baccini, Leonardo and Urpelainen, Johannes Democratization, New Leaders, and the Need for Economic Reform: Can Preferential Trading Agreements Help? Working Paper # /2011 (Unpublished)

Balestracci, Fiammetta Democrazia Proletaria: la sfida di un partito di fronte ai movimenti e alla violenza [recensione a: William Gambetta, Democrazia proletaria: la nuova sinistra tra piazze e Palazzi]. Archivio trentino, 1. ISSN 1125-8225 (2011)

Balestracci, Fiammetta Zwischen ideologischer Diversifikation und politisch-kulturellem Pragmatismus. Die Beziehung zwischen der Partito Comunista Italiano und der SED (1968-1989). In: (edited by A. Bauerkämper and F. Di Palma) Bruderparteien jenseits des Eisernen Vorhangs. Die Beziehungen der SED zu den kommunistischen Parteien West- und Südeuropas (1968-1989). Forschungen zur DDR-Gesellschaft . Links Christoph Verlag, Berlin, pp. 167-185. ISBN 9783861536581 (2011)

Balestracci, Fiammetta [recensione a] Emma Scaramuzza (ed.), Politica e amicizia. Relazioni, conflitti e differenze di genere (1860-1915). Annali dell'Istituto Storico Italo-germanico in Trento, 2. ISSN 0392-0011 (2011)

Balestracci, Fiammetta [recensione a] Maria Casalini, Famiglie comuniste. Ideologie e vita quotidiana nell’Italia degli anni Cinquanta. Zapruder. StorieInMovimento, 26. ISSN 1723-0020 (2011)

Balestracci, Fiammetta [review of] Gunilla Budde, Eckart Conze e Cornelia Rauh (hg.), Bürgertum nach dem bürgerlichem Zeitalter. Leitbilder und Praxis seit 1945. Annali dell'Istituto Storico Italo-germanico in Trento, 1. ISSN 0392-0011 (2011)

Bassanini, Franco and Casini, Lorenzo and Iaione, Christian Programmazione, decisione e localizzazione degli impianti e delle infrastrutture strategiche. Proposte di riforma delle regole e delle procedure. Discussion Paper Astrid

Bee, Marco and Riccaboni, Massimo and Schiavo, Stefano Pareto versus lognormal: a maximum entropy test. Physical Review E, 84 (2). 026104. ISSN 1539-3755 (2011)

Bertelli, Linda Étienne-Jules Marey, Henri Bergson e brevi storie di fotografia: rappresentazione e rappresentabilità del movimento. In: Premio Nuova Estetica. Aesthetica preprint. Supplementa (26). Centro internazionale studi di estetica, Palermo, pp. 47-62. ISBN 0393-8522 (2011)

Berti, Patrizia and Crimaldi, Irene and Pratelli, Luca and Rigo, Pietro A central limit theorem and its applications to multicolor randomly reinforced urns. Journal of applied probability , 48 (2). pp. 527-546. ISSN 0021-9002 (2011)

Bilancini, Ennio On the rationalizability of observed consumers’ choices when preferences depend on budget sets and (potentially) on anything else. Journal of Economics, 102 (3). pp. 275-286. ISSN 0931-8658 (2011)

Blasco, Andrea and Pin, Paolo and Sobbrio, Francesco Paying Positive to Go Negative: Advertisers' Competition and Media Reports. Working Paper # /2011 (Unpublished)


Casini, Lorenzo Equalisation and compensation mechanisms in the new Rome urban development plan. Italian Journal of Planning Practice, 1 (1). pp. 33-45. ISSN 2239-267X (2011)

Casini, Lorenzo “Italian Hours”: the globalization of cultural property law. International Journal of Constitutional Law, 9 (2). pp. 369-393. ISSN 1474-2640 (2011)

Casini, Lorenzo The Making of a Lex Sportiva by the Court of Arbitration for Sport. German Law Journal, 12 (11). pp. 1317-1340. (2011)

Casini, Lorenzo and Cassese, Sabino and Napolitano, Giulio The new Italian public law scholarship. International Journal of Constitutional Law, 9 (2). pp. 301-309. ISSN 1474-2640 (2011)

Catoni, Maria Luisa Etiche e forme : l'architettura del simposio. Firenze Architettura, 2. pp. 146-151. ISSN 1826-0772 (2011)

Catoni, Maria Luisa Mimesis and motion in classical antiquity. In: Conference on images of animate movement: representations of life, 26-28 May, 2011, Basel, Switzerland (Unpublished) (2011)

Ceccarelli, Diego and Lucchese, Claudio and Orlando, Salvatore and Perego, Raffaele and Silvestri, Fabrizio Caching query-biased snippets for efficient retrieval. In: Proceedings of EDBT ’11: 14th International Conference on Extending Database Technology. EDBT/ICDT, pp. 93-104. ISBN 978-1-4503-0528-0 (2011)

Cimini, Giulio and Medo, Matúš and Zhou, Tao and Wei, Dong and Zhang, Yi-Cheng Heterogeneity, quality, and reputation in an adaptive recommendation model. The European Physical Journal B - Condensed Matter, 80 (2). pp. 201-208. ISSN 1434-6028 (2011)


Damiano, Alfonso and Caldarelli, Guido and Chessa, Alessandro and Scala, Antonio Integrating the electric grid and the commuter network through a 'Veichle to Grid' concept: a Complex Networks Theory approach. In: European Electric Vehicle Congress (EEVC-2011), October 26-28, 2011, Brussels, Belgium (Unpublished) (2011)

De Leo, Vincenzo and Ricci, Francesco and Soranzo, Nicola and Chessa, Alessandro and de la Fuente, Alberto Disentangling the proteome: re-evaluations of topological insights from yeast protein interaction networks. In: Advances in Medicine and Biology. Nova Science, pp. 141-166. ISBN 978-1-61209-468-7 (2011)

De Montis, Andrea and Caschili, Simone and Chessa, Alessandro Spatial Complex Network Analysis and Accessibility Indicators: the Case of Municipal Commuting in Sardinia, Italy. European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research, 11 (4). pp. 405-419. ISSN 1567-7141 (2011)

De Montis, Andrea and Caschili, Simone and Chessa, Alessandro Time evolution of complex networks: commuting systems in insular Italy. Journal of Geographical Systems, 13 (1). pp. 49-65. ISSN 1435-5930 (2011)

Dellino, Gabriella and Fedele, Mariagrazia and Meloni, Carlo Dynamic objectives aggregation methods in multi-objective evolutionary optimization. In: Innovative computing methods and their applications to engineering problems. Studies in Computational Intelligence (357). Springer-Verlag, pp. 85-103. ISBN 978-3-642-20957-4 (2011)

Dincecco, Mark Political Transformations and Public Finances: Europe, 1650-1913. Political Economy of Institutions and Decisions Series . Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9780521192330 (2011)

Dincecco, Mark and Federico, Giovanni and Vindigni, Andrea Warfare, Taxation, and Political Change: Evidence from the Italian Risorgimento. Journal of Economic History, 71 (4). pp. 887-914. ISSN 0022-0507 (2011)


Frigotto, M. Laura and Riccaboni, Massimo A few special cases: scientific creativity and network dynamics in the field of rare diseases. Scientometrics, 89 (1). pp. 397-420. ISSN 0138-9130 (2011)


Gattei, Stefano Alain-Philippe Segonds, 1942-2011. Isis, 102 (4). pp. 734-737. ISSN 0021-1753 (2011)

Gattei, Stefano Argomentare per immagini. L'incisione in antiporta di Tabulae Rudolphinae (1627). Rivista di filosofia neo-scolastica, 103 (4). pp. 651-676. ISSN 0035-6247 (2011)

Gattei, Stefano Presentazione. In: Karl Popper oggi: una riflessione multidisciplinare. Orizzonti di ricerca . Belforte Salomone , Livorno, pp. 9-19. ISBN 9788874670628 (2011)

Gattei, Stefano Verità e relativismi. Alcune note a margine di un dibattito italiano. In: Karl Popper oggi: una riflessione multidisciplinare. Orizzonti di ricerca . Belforte Salomone, Livorno, pp. 89-133. ISBN 9788874670628 (2011)

Gattei, Stefano and Borghini, Andrea (a cura di) Karl Popper oggi: una riflessione multidisciplinare. Orizzonti di ricerca . Belforte, Livorno. ISBN 9788874670628 (2011)

Giannaccari, Andrea Il caso IAMA al Consiglio di Stato: indietro tutta! Mercato Concorrenza Regole, 13 (1). pp. 145-150. ISSN 1590-5128 (2011)

Giannaccari, Andrea News of the world: legge di Murphy e diritti TV alla Corte di Giustizia. Mercato Concorrenza Regole, XIII (3). pp. 481-498. ISSN 1590-5128 (2011)

Giardini, Francesca and Quattrociocchi, Walter and Conte, Rosaria Understanding opinions. A cognitive and formal account. Working Paper # /2011 ArXiv (Submitted)

Ginsburg, Tom and Melton, James and Elkins, Zachary On the Evasion of Executive Term Limits. William and Mary Law Review, 52 (6). pp. 1807-1872. ISSN 0043-5589 (2011)

Giovanis, Eleftherios Application of Adaptive Νeuro-Fuzzy Inference System in Interest Rates Effects on Stock Returns. Indian Journal of Computer Science and Engineering, 2 (1). pp. 124-135. ISSN 0976-5166 (2011)

Giovanis, Eleftherios Application of a Modified Generalized Regression Neural Networks Algorithm in Economics and Finance. International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science, 2 (2). pp. 197-202. ISSN 0976-5697 (2011)

Giovanis, Eleftherios Ordinary Least Squares and Genetic Algorithms Optimization in Smoothing Transition Autoregressive (STAR) Models. International Journal of Computer Information Systems, 2 (3). pp. 17-23. ISSN 2229-5208 (2011)

Growiec, Jakub and Pammolli, Fabio and Riccaboni, Massimo Innovation and corporate dynamics: a theoretical framework. Working Paper # /2011 (Unpublished)


Katz, Gabriel A Statistical Model of Abstention under Compulsory Voting. Working Paper # /2011 (Submitted)

Katz, Gabriel and Alvarez, R. Michael and Calvo, Ernesto and Escolar, Marcelo and Pomares, Julia Assessing the Impact of Alternative Voting Technologies on Multi-Party Elections: Design Features, Heuristic Processing and Voter Choice. Political Behavior, 33 (2). pp. 247-270. ISSN 0190-9320 (2011)

Katz, Gabriel and Melton, James Measurement Error and Dynamic Nonlinear Models: (Over)Estimating the Effect of Habit. Working Paper (Unpublished)


Levin, Ines and Katz, Gabriel Modeling Electoral Coordination: Parties and Legislative Lists in Uruguay. Journal of Politics in Latin America, 3 (2). pp. 3-41. ISSN 1866-802X (2011)

Li, J. N. and Chen, C. Z. and Cui, B. B. and Squartini, Tiziano Surface modification of titanium alloy with the Ti3Al + TiB2/TiN composite coatings. Surface and Interface Analysis, 43 (12). pp. 1543-1548. ISSN 0142-2421 (2011)

Li, Jianing and Chen, Chuanzhong and Lin, Zhaoqing and Squartini, Tiziano Phase constituents and microstructure of laser cladding Al2O3/Ti3Al reinforced ceramic layer on titanium alloy. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 509 (14). 4882 - 4886. ISSN 0925-8388 (2011)

Loreti, Silvia The Gilliérons and the Greek Bronze Age. Burlington Magazine, 153 (1304). pp. 764-765. ISSN 0007-6287 (2011)

Loreti, Silvia Modern Narcissus: the lingering reflections of myth in modern art. Papers of Surrealism , 9. pp. 1-29. ISSN 1750-1954 (2011)

Loreti, Silvia A timely call: modern representation awakened by antiquity. De Chirico, Picasso and the classical vision. In: Modern antiquity : Picasso, De Chirico, Léger, Picabia. The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, pp. 17-30. ISBN 978-0-89236-977-5 (2011)

Luciano, Elisa and Regis, Luca and Vigna, Elena Natural Delta Gamma Hedging of Longevity and Interest Rate Risk. ICER Working Paper. Working Paper #21/2011


Masala, Antonio Liberalismo e multiculturalismo: convivenza o conflitto? In: F. Monceri (a cura di) Percorsi nel sé : identità, diversità, multiculturalismo. Difforme (7). Edizioni ETS, Pisa, pp. 171-198. ISBN 978-88-467-3099-2 (2011)

Masala, Antonio Margaret Thatcher and the New Political Culture in the United Kingdom. Working Paper # /2011 (Unpublished)

Masala, Antonio and Cordasco, Carlo and Cubeddu, Raimondo Diritto naturale o evoluzionismo? Problemi aperti nella Scuola Austriaca. Nuova civiltà delle macchine : rivista trimestrale di analisi e critica, 29 (1/2). pp. 235-254. ISSN 1970-9714 (2011)

Medo, Matúš and Cimini, Giulio and Gualdi, Stanislao Temporal Effects in the Growth of Networks. Physical Review Letters, 107. p. 238701. ISSN 0031-9007 (2011)

Morescalchi, Andrea Housing Tenure and Individual Labour Market Outcomes. An Empirical Assessment Based on the UK Labour Force Survey. In: XXV National Conference of Labour Economics, 15-16 September 2011, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano pp. 1-46. (Unpublished) (2011)

Morescalchi, Andrea The Puzzle of Job Search and Housing Tenure: a Reconciliation of Theory and Empirical Evidence. In: XXV National Conference of Labour Economics, 15-16 September 2011, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano pp. 1-41. (Unpublished) (2011)

Morrison, Greg and Hyeon, Changbong and Hinczewski, Michael and Thirumalai, D. Compaction and tensile forces determine the accuracy of folding landscape parameters from single molecule pulling experiments. Physical Review Letters, 106. p. 138102. ISSN 0031-9007 (2011)

Morrison, Greg and Mahadevan, L. Asymmetric network connectivity using weighted harmonic averages. EPL (Europhysics Letters), 93 (4). p. 40002. ISSN 0295-5075 (2011)


Palamara, Gian Marco and Zlatic, Vinko and Scala, Antonio and Caldarelli, Guido Population Dynamics On Complex Food Webs. Advances in Complex Systems, 14 (04). p. 635. ISSN 0219-5259 (2011)

Pammolli, Fabio and Magazzini, Laura and Riccaboni, Massimo The productivity crisis in pharmaceutical R&D. Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, 10 (6). pp. 428-438. ISSN 1474-1776 (2011)

Pammolli, Fabio and Riccaboni, Massimo and Magazzini, Laura The sustainability of European health care systems: beyond income and aging. The European Journal of Health Economics. pp. 1-12. ISSN 1618-7598 (2011)

Pammolli, Fabio and Salerno, Nicola C. La distribuzione dei farmaci tra progetti di riforma e incertezze. Economia e Politica Industriale, 38 (2). pp. 125-148. ISSN 0391-2078 (2011)

Pammolli, Fabio and Salerno, Nicola C. Sistemi sanitari regionali alla sfida del federalismo: una proposta per il finanziamento federalista della sanità. EyesReg Giornale di Scienze Regionali, 1 (1). (2011)

Park, Kyeng Min and Kim, Choongik and Thomas III, Samuel W. and Yoon, Hyo Jae and Morrison, Greg and Mahadevan, L. and Whitesides, George M. New Encoding Schemes with Infofuses. Advanced Materials, 23 (42). pp. 4851-4856. ISSN 0935-9648 (2011)

Pellegrini, Emanuele 1954-1964 : un decennio e due commissioni d’indagine per il patrimonio culturale. In: Le arti del 20. secolo: Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti e i segni della modernità. ETS, Pisa, pp. 159-180. ISBN 9788846729088 (2011)

Pellegrini, Emanuele Definizione e definizioni di sistema museale: legittimità e retorica. Rivista dell'Istituto nazionale d'archeologia e storia dell'arte, 29. pp. 285-304. ISSN 0392-5285 (2011)

Pellegrini, Emanuele Il viaggio e la memoria: i taccuini di Adolfo Venturi. Studi di Memofonte, 6. pp. 13-37. (2011)

Pellegrini, Emanuele Immagine sull’immagine: la lettura delle opere d’arte tra cinema e cibernetica. In: New Perspectives, New Technologies : convegno internazionale di studi , 13-14 Ottobre 2011, Venezia, Italy (Unpublished) (2011)

Pellegrini, Emanuele Le opere e le fonti: la Toscana tra medioevi e rinascenze. In: Francesco Malaguzzi Valeri (1867-1928) Tra storiografia artistica, museo e tutela : convegno di studi, 20-21 Ottobre 2011, Bologna, Italy (Unpublished) (2011)

Pellegrini, Emanuele Un viaggio in Abruzzo di Adolfo e Lionello Venturi. Predella, 30 (dic). pp. 1-7. ISSN 1827-8655 (2011)

Penner, Orion and Grassberger, Peter and Paczuski, Maya Sequence alignment, mutual information, and dissimilarity measures for constructing phylogenies. PloS One, 6 (1). e14373. ISSN 1932-6203 (2011)

Petersen, Alexander M. Applications of Statistical Physics to the Social and Economic Sciences. PhD Thesis thesis, Boston University, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. (2011)

Petersen, Alexander M. and Jung, Woo-Sung and Yang, Jae-Suk and Stanley, H. Eugene Quantitative and empirical demonstration of the Matthew effect in a study of career longevity. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 108 (1). pp. 18-23. ISSN 1091-6490 (2011)

Petersen, Alexander M. and Penner, Orion and Stanley, H. Eugene Methods for detrending success metrics to account for inflationary and deflationary factors. The European Physical Journal B, 79 (1). pp. 67-78. ISSN 1434-6028 (2011)

Petersen, Alexander M. and Stanley, H. Eugene and Succi, Sauro Statistical regularities in the rank-citation profile of scientists. (Nature) Scientific Reports, 1. p. 181. ISSN 2045-2322 (2011)


Regis, Luca A Bayesian copula model for Claims Reserving. In: Interplay between Finance and Insurance. Actuarial Financial Mathematics Conference 2011. Koninklijke Vlaamse Academie Van Belgie, pp. 113-118. ISBN 978-90-6569-087-6 (2011)

Regis, Luca A Bayesian copula model for stochastic claims reserving. Working Paper #227/2011 Carlo Alberto Notebooks ISSN 2279-9362.

Rungi, Armando Le catene globali del valore dei gruppi multinazionali in Italia. In: L’Italia nell’economia internazionale: Rapporto ICE 2011-2012. ISTAT – Istituto per il Commercio Estero, pp. 1-10. (2011)


Setzu, Susanna and Chessa, Alessandro and Puliga, Michelangelo and Polo, Maria and Mereu, Maria Cristina SapRete: saperi in rete per il recupero delle competenze logico matematiche e scientifiche. In: E-learning con Moodle in Italia. Seneca edizioni. ISBN 978-88-6122-269-4 (2011)

Squartini, Tiziano and Fagiolo, Giorgio and Garlaschelli, Diego Randomizing world trade. I. A binary network analysis. Physical Review E, 84. 046117. ISSN 1539-3755 (2011)

Squartini, Tiziano and Fagiolo, Giorgio and Garlaschelli, Diego Randomizing world trade. II. A weighted network analysis. Physical Review E, 84. 046118. ISSN 1539-3755 (2011)

Squartini, Tiziano and Garlaschelli, Diego Analytical maximum-likelihood method to detect patterns in real networks. New Journal of Physics, 13 (8). 083001. ISSN 1367-2630 (2011)


Tealdi, Cristina How do employment contract reforms affect welfare? Theory and evidence. In: XXV National Conference of Labour Economics, 15-16 September 2011, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano pp. 1-45. (Unpublished) (2011)


Wei, Dong and Zhou, Tao and Cimini, Giulio and Wu, Pei and Liu, Weiping and Zhang, Yi-Cheng Effective mechanism for social recommendation of news. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 390 (11). 2117 - 2126. ISSN 0378-4371 (2011)


Yeung, C. H. and Cimini, Giulio and Jin, C.-H. Dynamics of movie competition and popularity spreading in recommender systems. Physical Review E, 83. 016105. ISSN 1539-3755 (2011)


Zhou, Tao and Medo, Matúš and Cimini, Giulio and Zhang, Zi-Ke and Zhang, Yi-Cheng Emergence of Scale-Free Leadership Structure in Social Recommender Systems. PloS One, 6 (7). e20648. ISSN 1932-6203 (2011)


Álvarez, Jorge and Bilancini, Ennio and D'Alessandro, Simone and Porcile, Gabriel Agricultural institutions, industrialization and growth: The case of New Zealand and Uruguay in 1870–1940. Explorations in Economic History, 48 (2). pp. 151-168. ISSN 0014-4983 (2011)

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